FG Wilson Combined Heat And Power Generator Packages - Ensure You Get More For Less

Our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generator packages can recover over 90% combined electrical and thermal efficiency, resulting in major reductions in your overall energy costs.

In a world concerned with greater energy efficiencies, we offer Combined Heat and Power (CHP) packages (240 - 1250 kVA) for our complete range of gas generator sets.

Having supplied over 400 power units suitable for cogeneration through our Dealer network, we have the experience and capabilities to meet your total energy requirements.

Offering a highly efficient and reliable range of products, our CHP packages consist of three key components:

  • Gas Engine generator set power range 240 — 1250 kVA
  • Heat Recovery Module — Skid mounted units specific to each generator set model
  • Secondary Cooling System — Remote radiators dependant upon application and installation requirements

For more information please consult your local Dealer.